Thursday 26 April 2018
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How to prepare your home for natural disasters? 7 life-saving tips for you

Our home means a lot to us as it is our small, personal space in this huge world. It is our center of life and nothing can take this away from us – neither the bad weather nor any unexpected natural disaster. In order to save ourselves, we have to prepare the same for such natural calamities otherwise, one natural disaster can wipe it all away. In this article, we are covering 7 life-saving tips that you can adopt in your flats in Pune, Delhi or any other city across the world for natural disasters like earthquake, flood, etc.

Tip 1: Go for earthquake-resistant buildings

Gone are the days when nothing was in your hand and you got weak in front of the natural disaster.Now is the time when you can prepare your home and yourself for such calamity in advance. Before buying flats, make sure that the building is earthquake resistant. Frankly speaking, nothing is totally immune from such natural disaster but these buildings are prepared to withstand the earthquake to a great extent so as to minimize the loss of life and property during the same.

Tip 2: Secure large furniture in your home

This is another life – saving tip to prepare your home for natural disasters. Bolt bookshelves and media cabinets to the wall. Invest in earthquake proof furniture that can withstand ceiling or building collapse. These natural disasters are something that can never be predicted and thus this preparation is very crucial.

Tip 3: Check the foundation

Undertake a regular check and be sure to repair any wall cracks as soon as you notice them. Go for foundation check and get to know whether your home structure is prone to any natural disaster or not.

Tip 4: Raise your electrical system

Another tip that can save you from the natural disaster such as flood is to raise your electrical system above the area’s base flood elevation. This will surely prevent damage to your electrical system such as sockets and wirings during flood and also help in avoiding short circuits. Flood can hit anytime and thus nothingis completely immune from this natural calamity. It is important to get ready for the same and prepare your home in advance.

Tip 5: Go for Home insurance policy

There is no second opinion that we can only do the preparations to minimize the loss during any natural disaster but we are not at all sure that how much we can save at that time and thus it is important to opt for the home insurance cover. Most policies do not cover flood and thus it is important for you to go for the extra insurance so as to cover such physical losses.

Tip 6: Turn off your utilities

Preparation is the key to survive a disaster. Gas leak and electrical fire are the most common hazards during natural disasters and can be easily avoided if the power is shut off. Thus locate the gas and electrical point prior to any calamity so that you can turn off these utilities and can save your home from unwanted damage.

Tip 7: Prepare Yourself

Last but not the least, along with preparing your home, you should also prepare yourself to handle such unexpected situation. Get to know about the safety tips that might be helpful at the time of actual disaster. Create a safety plan, stay away from bookcases or furniture that can fall on you and keep your disaster kit ready all the time.